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Making you famous with your words and images

"24 hours in the life of..." is a premium, all-inclusive communication service designed for public figures, executives, leaders, politicians, athletes, and artists, all of whom are demanding and conscious of the importance and impact of their image in the public opinion, traditional media, and their online reputation.

The objective of this service is to make you KNOWN and RECOGNIZED, to make people TALK about you, and to ENHANCE YOUR IDENTITY as defined in the strategic action plan implemented based on the analysis of your objectives and needs.

"24 hours in the life of..." is a unique and tailor-made service: Dare to have an original presentation of your image, composed of photo and video reports accompanied by original, exclusive, and unpublished texts. Also available in English for all your international needs.

This customized service is flexible and adaptable. Whether you want to create, develop, or modify your image in the long term, harmonize the image of your entire company, your teams, generate buzz for a specific event, or confirm and strengthen your position as an influencer. Whether you want to retain control of your social networks or delegate all or part of it to us. Everything is possible.

The entire team at APB, the Personal Branding Agency, is here to listen to you and ready to offer strategic and innovative solutions to fulfill our mission: to make you known, recognized, and appreciated by your peers and targets.

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APB is a registered trademark of the company I-shooting.